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Carpet Installation Johannesburg is your professional carpet Installation company of choice located near Johannesburg. We offer a wide array of services from upholstery and carpet Installation, tile, grout, and hardwood floor Installation, to the toughest of Installations needed because of pet odor. We use safe, non-toxic ingredients so that your home or business stays kid and pet-friendly.

We service all commercial and residential locations throughout Johannesburg. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We are licensed, fully insured, and professionally trained. Give us a call today to have any questions you may have answered by our professional carpet cleaners.

Our professionals at Carpet Installation Johannesburg are trained to bring the vibrancy back to your carpets. Your home is your biggest investment and it’s just as important to us that we protect that investment. Carpets are heavily used and over time will become worn and dirty. Our experts will analyze all material to determine the best course of action for Installation. You can trust us to do the job right and return your carpets to their original condition.

Carpet Installations in Johannesburg

When Installation hardwood floors, it’s important to remove the dirt and grim or else the floor loses it’s shine. That’s why we use a step-by-step process to ensure that your hardwood floors are returned to their initial shine and prestige condition.

Just like the first two steps of Installation carpets, we will first do an assessment and then pre-vacuum all surfaces to be cleaned using commercial-grade canister vacuums equipped with HEPA filters. After vacuuming we will pre-clean the floor using a slightly damp microfiber mop to remove any further dust that is not picked up by the vacuum.

Using Installation agents and a machine specifically designed for hardwood surface Installation, we deep clean dirt and sticky residue from the floor surface and joints. A small amount of Installation solution is applied to the floor surface with a soft bristle brush and is then vacuumed up immediately. The Installation agent used has a high alcohol volume which promotes extremely rapid evaporation, leaving your floor dry and clean extremely fast. Along with the Installation agent, we also use a rinsing agent to ensure all the cleaner is removed from the floor and surface joints.

We then apply Polyurethane, a water-based low-VOC polyurethane finish which may be applied after the Installation process. Finally we do a walkthrough of the cleaned surfaces to ensure you are pleased with the outcome.


Tips To A Quality Molded Carpet Installation

Replacing the carpet in your classic can make a big difference when it comes to look of your interior. Carpet wears out, get dirty, shrinks, and fades, but installing a new molded carpet is a fairly economical way to freshen up that dingy interior. With a few simple tips you will be “cutting a rug” in no time.

1. Buy Quality Parts – In the means of carpet, quality is not hard to come by. Companies like Ecklers, Year One, and Classic Industries sell carpet that is usually comparable in price and quality. When choosing a molded carpet make sure to buy one with the jute backing attached. The jute works as an insulation and sound deadener, while also helping with way it forms to the contours of the floor. As with any aftermarket part that is mass produced, make sure you inspect it for defects and sizing before installation. I suggest having all seats and trim removed and lay the carpet in place to make sure there is plenty of material hanging over the edges.

2. Get as much out of the way as possible – I suggest removing as much as possible. This means kick panels, consoles, shifters, seats, seat belts, and rear trim panels. Even if the carpet only tucks underneath it is still easier to remove the item rather than try to work around it. Once the carpet is cut, repairing it is not really an option you will want to consider, so having plenty of room to work with is a much safer alternative.

3. Re install all of your bolts – Once you have removed the old carpet and cleaned the floor, re install all the bolts that were holding down the seats, seat belts, console, shifter and any other part that may have been bolted to the floor. These bolts will be your guide as to where to cut the holes in the new carpet. Make small cuts. You can always remove more material, but it is very hard to repair if a cut has been made to large. After you have reinstalled all of the bolts and before you install you new carpet it is a good time to add another form of insulation, like Dynamat or Hushmat. These supplemental sound and heat barriers can make a world of difference when it comes to road noise coming from the floor.

4. Steam to shape – Most molded carpet sets are folded, rolled, and shipped in a box that is not as big as you might think. This will cause the carpet to crease, wrinkle, and become slightly deformed. For a carpet to fit and lay down as best as possible an upholstery steamer works wonders on these areas. I recommend laying the carpet out on a flat surface for a couple days prior to installation. This gives it time to relax from being bound up inside the box. An upholstery steamer can work wonders on your new carpet. Before installation, place the steamer underneath the folds and creases while the carpet is still on the floor. Pull and stretch these areas until the crease as unnoticeable as possible. The steamer will also allow you to stretch and massage the carpet into contoured areas during installation.

5. Work inside out – When you are finally ready to start cutting on the carpet, start from the center and work your way out. Make sure you are centered, I like to start in the middle and install each component as you work your way out, moving from side to side. Make sure your last cut is on the outside edges. New carpet usually has enough material add to the edges to overhang the rocker panels. This will give you more than enough room to make and accurate cut. For example after you have cut you hole for you shifter, re install it. If you do this with each component, it will hold you carpet in place allowing for more accurate cuts. I also only recommend using a minimum amount of contact glue. The seats, seat belts, and sill plates will help hold the carpet in place so only a small amount is really needed.

6. Sharp knives work best – When cutting carpet I have always used a brand new sharp razor knife. A dull blade requires you to force the knife when making cuts. When this happens you run the risk of cutting yourself. (Or worse your CAR!!) Carpet and the jute backing will dull a blade in a hurry, so don’t be afraid to change blades often.

 How to Find an Affordable Carpet Installation Service Provider Near Me

Most people these days will start online looking for carpet companies near me for carpet installations. Proper installation of the carpets is important for the longevity of the carpets and retain any warranty protection against defects. Finding a reliable carpet installation service provider is extremely important to provide the proper installation that you need. Below are some ideas on how to find affordable carpet companies near me.

Look for local companies –

When staring online for all the possible carpet companies near me, check to see if they’re locally owned and operated. A professional, local company will utilize local installers which will increase the reliability that your installers will show up on time and be available in the future to address any issues that arise. Also, by working with a local brick and mortar company instead of a contractor directly, you have that company to fall back on if issues with the installer unfortunately arise.

By choosing Carpet Installation In Johannesburg, you not only get a locally owned and operated business, you get a family owned company that takes the full responsibility for our installers to insure our customers are always as satisfied as possible with their installations.

Check professional experience –

Installing anything in your home is a big financial investment and mistakes are the last thing you would want. Hiring someone with extensive professional experience and a good track record are very important. You want to check their website for the longevity of the business and check relevant reviews to get a sense of people’s prior experiences. That being said, always remember to take negative reviews with a grain of salt because people tend to be vindictive when they are unhappy, no matter the steps companies have taken to make sure their need have been met.

By choosing Carpet Installation In Johannesburg, you get a company that has been installing floors for over 40 years. We have long standing relationships with our installers and only use installers that are licensed, bonded, and insured to make sure that you, as a home owner, are protected. All of our staff has been in the flooring industry for years and work our hardest to ensure that our customers get the best flooring for their needs and that the process from beginning to installation is satisfactory in every way.

Prepare a budget –

Be sure to have a budget in mind when you start the process of looking for new carpet. Not many companies will have pricing on their website but even if they do you can most often get better pricing by going through a local dealer. By having a total budget in mind, when you come to the showroom to start looking at carpets, the salesperson can more easily guide you to the perfect carpet that won’t give you sticker shock after getting an estimate. It is important to look at the materials in person and in your home. Colors will look different through a screen and in the showroom compared to when you put them in your own space with your unique lighting and paint. Getting several estimates on similar carpets is another great way to build a realistic budget.

By choosing Carpet Installation In Johannesburg you know you’ll get very experienced staff members that are very conscientious of budgets and will help you find the perfect carpet at the perfect price. We are very competitively priced with an array of choice to fit any budget.


Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt – How Different Colors Handle Dirt

Some carpets can look clean for longer more than others. Others can get dirty in just a matter of moments after cleaning. The best carpet color to hide dirt can help you save you the time and money of regular cleaning. Expert recommendation: Pick a carpet color that can withstand a considerable measure of pedestrian activity without turning all murky at once. With the right carpet color, you wouldn’t have to vacuum every now and again.

So, What is the Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt?

Choosing carpet colors, just like with all other aspects of interior design, is not an easy task. Chances are you will be on blogs and social media for hours on end, hunting for ideas. After all, you want your home to look its best, trendy and stylish even when you are skipping the regular vacuuming.

Here is an important tip to remember: stains and dirt are not the same when it comes to carpet cleaning. But there is a crucial distinction; stains are spots on the cover from spills. Dirt is a dusty mess appearing on the carpet. A carpet that is great at hiding stains might not be good at hiding dirt.

Bright Shades of Red, Yellows and Orange

All bright colors perform poorly when it comes to camouflaging dirt on carpets. And that is not even the worst of it, these colors easily fade without regular cleaning. A week without cleaning of bright colored carpets can spell doom to your home’s beauty. If you must do, bright colors consider speckled carpets or a multicolored-pattern approach. Multi Colored carpets are a favorite to many interior designers, and they are used to hide dirt in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies

Pink, Rose, Light Green, and Light Brown

These carpet colors are medium performers. You can spend a few days without a vacuuming a light brown carpet without the dirt showing. But you can bet that once these colors become saturated with dirt, you can do some dry cleaning to restore their shine.

Dark Shades of Brown, Green and Blue

Darker shades are the best carpet colors to hide dirt. Dark brown is particularly good in camouflaging dust and mud stains. You can count on powder and dust particles to hide in the dark brown carpet fibers for long without betraying you to visitors. You will also have no problem with dark green or deep blue.

Bottom Line

These shades of carpet are best suited for high traffic areas like stairways and waiting bays. The best carpet color to hide dirt is dark brown. You can also successfully conceal dirt with darker shades of green and blue. Pink, light green and light brown carpets have a fair performance when it comes to camouflaging dirt. If you must use bright colored carpets choose colorful patterns to camouflage the dirt. This will help your carpet still appear clean if you happen to miss a routine cleaning.

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